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Highlights of this year’s event

Face recognition experience enabled by Alipay

Alipay in collaboration with SUNMI presents the face recognition experience. Can you imagine being able to travel around China using face recognition technology?

You are invited to experience this on site.

Some classic cases will be presented 

With our partner PCMIRA&TCPOS&HEADING, we are presenting three scenarios: supermarket, formal dining and casual dining, displaying solutions and best practices for the transformation from traditional retail to digital retail. 

Commercial infrastructure hardware rich in functionality

A wide range of hardware solutions on site, based on leading technologies and insight into the actual needs of merchants, committed to providing consumers with a better user experience.


28 May - 1 June

Payment with Alipay face recognition

VP, Self-Service Products

 28 - 30 May

New products on display

VP, Wireless Products 

28 May - 1 June

Solutions from SUNMI and its partners




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